Is the Mayor &His Council Prejudice Against “TRAILER PARK PEOPLE”???

What does City council have against mobile home communities?
Is it possible City council wants to make mobile home neighborhoods the ‘projects’ of the City? The City of Edmonton’s Mayor may be discriminating against mobile home communities.
Mobile home owners perspectives: Council is trying to push the “problems” to the outskirts of the City.

Is the Mayor & his council prejudice against “trailer park people” ???????

City of Edmonton, Ward 1 Councillor Andrew Knack, recently put out an informative post about “Every City project is completed late and over-budget.” It was a great read! Discussing that the statement of the City being late or over- budget is false and furthering on with some of the details, changes and outlines of what the City is doing to ensure projects are being managed correctly. The post continues to direct you to an interactive map that each City project can be checked in on.

A web-based guide developed to help inform Edmontonians about the current infrastructure projects occurring across the city of Edmonton.

Yet again, mobile homeowners sit back and scratch their heads. Watching the City of Edmonton move forward. Changes happening all around them, while a simple request for a cross walk cannot even be granted. Homes flooded, sewer lines break, no street lighting or sidewalks, Almost all the busing has been taken away.
Maple & Oak Ridge keep asking for help, but city council keep ignoring. EVEN when asked, begged or pleaded. Does City council just continue to forget about them?

It is doubtful council FORGETS! As one city Councillor, Mike Nickel, is often voicing for the southeast mobile home park. Going so far as to take it to provincial levels and help advocate for some legislation changes!

Council just appears to have a prejudice against mobile homes.
They have managed to look at shipping container homes, Tiny homes, and supportive housing. The latest, the city is moving forward with 207-unit supportive housing investment despite no provincial funding, and no real public consult. But NOTHING for mobile home communities. Mobile homes do not make the cut!
Discrimination for mobile home neighbourhoods.

Quoted from “The City of Edmonton is building an inclusive city where everyone can enjoy safety, stability, and the opportunity to build a life. That begins with ensuring there are housing options for all Edmontonians. “

Unless you live in a mobile home neighbourhood.

opinion article- opinions are my own – or others that have been greatly expressed to me!

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